Key Project Information RO | EN

Project code: 2(2i)-3.1-11, MIS ETC code: 651

Project start date: 12.07.2011, duration: 18 months

ASE Bucharest / BRIE Giurgiu Center – Lead Partner
Ruse University „Angel Kanchev” / BRIE Ruse – Partner 2

Main objectives:

  • to promote a policy on integrated identity of the Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border region on the basis of an interdisciplinary neighborhood study;
  • to add value to the research and communication practices related to regional strengths and opportunities;
  • to establish a framework for the branding of the cross-border region within the concept of RO-BUL-NA (Romanian-Bulgarian Neighborhood Area).

Alignment with programme objectives:
Priority Axis: 3 - Economic and Social Development;
Key Area of Intervention: 2 - Cooperation on human resources development – joint development of skills and knowledge;